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From Niche Expertise to Transformative Experiences

Only 20 spots available for 1 hour Masterclass for subject matter experts looking to level up their delivery and increase the impact of their engagements.

26th October

  • Amsterdam Time 9pm
  • São Paulo Time 4pm
  • New York Time 3pm

As an expert in a rich field, you know that it can be hard for your clients to understand what you say and execute on what you suggest.
I’ve helped other specialists with similar challenges and I’m doing a Masterclass on it. It’s called From Niche Expertise to Transformative Experiences.

It is about how you can package your niche expertise into unique workshops.

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We will cover:

  1. How to make expertise easier to convey and transfer
  2. Workshops as premium product between strategy and implementation work
  3. How to start integrating interactive and dynamic workshop exercises in your offering

This session will be free of charge. If you get value from it, I’d love to have a testimonial and your feedback on it.


Every participant that sends feedback and/or a testimonial can book a free 30 minute session where we’ll go over their own challenges in translating their expertise into workshops.

Why me:

For the past 12 years I’ve planned, facilitated and post-processed countless workshops for companies ranging from seed stage startups to NASDAQ listed corporations in industries both established (banking, insurance, FMCG) and maturing (AR/VR, Crypto Finance and telecom). I’ve applied what I’ve learned to help solo consultants (in the areas of cyber security, corporate compliance and negotiation) shape their hard earned expertise into lucrative and transformative products. I really love turning complex concepts into inviting ideas.