João Landeiro

Making your expertise tangible

I teach mind control techniques for niche consultants.

– Wait, what?

Please let me explain

If you have specialized knowledge, you know it can sometimes be hard to copy it from your mind to your client’s mind.

People are complex, often resist change and rarely know what they want.

For the past 12 years I’ve created, sold and taught collaborative workshop sessions for all sorts of industries. And time and time again, I’ve seen the power of putting together people with a problem and the experienced professionals that can solve it.

Workshops can be almost hypnotic in their power to create clarity, direct focus, guide collaboration and create results.

From the outside, they do look mesmerizing, but from the inside, they are all about preparation, a little bit of science and a lot of skill. All of these things can be taught. And I can teach you many of them so well that others will truly think you’ve learned mind control (of the good kind, of course).

Why I do this

I’ve always been fascinated by cleverness. It’s an intriguing thing, both because it can be a phenomenal advantage and at the same time, a difficult ability to wield. If you make a living from your own ideas and knowledge, this could ring familiar.

Scratching my own itch led me to spend a long time thinking about 2 things:

  1. How to be smarter
  2. How smart people make a living

And, with time, I’ve come to realize that I love to work with expert consultants to help them make their own skills more concrete and transformative to their own clients.

I love to learn and I love to work with rigorous thinkers that believe in their knowledge enough to want to make it easier to convey and apply in the real world.

Why work with me

I am experienced in translating expertise into my own products.
I’ve done this for niche expert consultants like you.
I’m not going anywhere. Helping experts expand their toolset is what i love doing.

About my background

All the hats I’ve worn were about different sides of the same thing: making sense of complexity and shape the resulting clarity into actions.

  • I studied Industrial Design Engineering at a top 10 program in Delft (blue china, famous painting of a girl and her earring, great institute of technology) and went to work at a monster truck renting place in Amsterdam (they did other things around guerilla advertising, but this was the coolest).
  • I moved back home and had my startup moment in Lisbon (didn’t work, learned about reducing risk in a disciplined way).
  • I moved away from home and worked as an innovation consultant in São Paulo (learned about how to make ideas move within corporations) and a workshop facilitator (learned battle-tested facilitation skills).
  • I moved again an became a graphic recorder in Curitiba (learned to be great at capturing and compressing other’s ideas). Then I started doing solo consulting.
  • I wanted to see how the sausage actually gets made and became a product manager at three fintechs back to back (learned to coordinate difficult things among lots of people under heavy regulation). This was remote, but I was still based in Curitiba.