João Landeiro

new product development for consulting companies

Transform what you know into premium workshops

Every expert knows it takes more than technical skill alone…

  • You spend a long time to learn everything about your field but…
  • nobody seems to know how your unique expertise solves their problem and
  • Giving advice and consulting is cool, but it’s even better when it drives real impact.

…you need to market your expertise in a way clients understand and desire.

  • You’ve found a market for your rare knowledge;
  • You’ve built a client list that trusts you and buys from you;
  • Now you will learn how to deliver what you know in ways they won’t forget.

I ‘ll teach and coach you how to create your own premium workshops

  • We will weave all that you know into a structure your clients understand and pay for;
  • We will create workshop experiences that are unique and hard to copy;
  • We will test and polish your workshop product until it is world-class;
  • We will sharpen your skills of facilitation, presentation and engagement.

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Unlock the potential of your knowledge and start delivering real results.
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