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For Authors

If you are a published non-fiction author, with one or more published books under your belt, this is for you.

Published authors carry tremendous authority and gravitas. That can translate into increased earnings from sales and royalties, but that takes time and can be fickle.

The average self-published author makes just around $1.000 per year from the sale of their books

according to WordsRatted, a non-commercial research organization focused on the publishing industry.

No need to pull out the calculator, I did the math: that’s around 50 cents an hour. And we are only considering regular business hours.
If you count all the hours in the year, the $1.000 becomes eleven cents an hour.

The alternative is to ride the wave of publishing and add other products to your “Author’s Product Portfolio”. Successful authors have managed to launch the following additional products:

  • Conference appearances and keynote speaking
  • Courses and Masterclasses
  • Newsletters (these can be both a owned distribution channel and a source of revenue)
  • Consulting and Advising
  • Workshops

Why workshops make sense for published non-fiction authors

Workshops are collaborative guided experience that mix the expert’s knowledge with the client’s context, to create a tangible result.

Workshops shine when you have specific expertise that others want to implement on their own challenges. They trust you enough to know what needs to be done and how to do it but don’t feel confident enough to do it on their own. If you are a published author, they probably have read your book and see the value in what you communicate, but would like a little bit of hand holding to execute on your ideas.

If you do not have a product that bridges this gap, you will miss earning opportunities.

The business of workshops

Workshops exist at the intersection of purely advisory work and full-fledged implementation work. Advisory work tends to be more highly regarded, better paid and more straightforward than implementation work. Implementation work, on the other hand, is easier to make tangible and show results. Workshops, by virtue of being in the middle, capture advantages from both sides.

You can price a workshop from 200 USD up to 2000 USD without even entering “expensive” territory. Great, well honed workshops are often priced in the 5 digits.

A few advantages of workshops

  • Where consulting and purely advisory work can sometimes come off as vague, workshops are tangible.
  • Where implementation work might position you as a technician in the eyes of your client, workshops make it evident that you are a subject matter expert.
  • Workshops are priced higher than consulting engagements.
  • Workshops lend themselves to the creation of success case studies, as they always culminate in a tangible result.

Let me help you add Workshops to your “Author’s Product Portfolio”

I’ve been planning, preparing and executing workshops since 2012. I’ve done so for industries as diverse as Banking, Product Management, Telecommunications, Renewable Energies, Oil & Gas Exploration and Insurance. I worked in-house, as a contractor and as a independent consultant helping competent people gain an extra edge with the application of transformative workshops.

And I love this. I can talk about it non-stop. And I want to help you apply this to your business.

If you are curious about this, we can schedule a free call, with no strings attached.
On it, we’ll go over your current context and whether creating a custom workshop for you is the right call for you.

Don’t let potential revenue from your expertise go to waste for the lack of workshop in your services portfolio.

Do you want to offer Workshops and expand your services portfolio?