João Landeiro

new product development for consulting companies

Client type: Consulting Practice
My delivery:
Physical Cardgame
Unique Product, Upsell Opportunity, Differentiated Positioning

Realizing that selling just a compliance program was not enough, the company seeks to go beyond, transforming culture and changing the way people work.

That’s where we come in, working in partnership with Veritaz to consolidate it as the best compliance training consultancy in the country. To make training even more effective, we developed dynamics and simulations that reproduce real dilemmas in the field. This way, students and employees were able to better understand how to apply what they learned in real-life situations.

The engagement of students and employees during training increased significantly, as did customer satisfaction with training tailored to their needs.

To further reinforce Veritaz’s leadership position in the compliance consulting market, we created exclusive products such as corporate games and workshops that reinforce the company’s expertise in compliance and in training that really works.

Today, Veritaz is recognized as a leading and respected provider of compliance training, with a reputation for excellence in personalized and tailored training to meet the specific needs of each client.