Goals vs Habits

Productivity for distracted people The merits of goals, plans and habits have been discussed at length. You’ll find people preferring one or the other, depending on their own situation and personality. For me, this is also a recurring theme, mostly because I struggle with the distance between all of the ideas I have and how… Continue reading Goals vs Habits

Digital permanence

Computers run on layers and layers of abstraction. These layers change and evolve and decay. For this reason, although you’re reading this on a device thousands (millions?) of times more powerful than any computer of the 90’s, you can’t play your childhood’s computer games on it. You’d need emulators and other software to make your… Continue reading Digital permanence

Capturing Alpha

Alpha is one of those ideas that once you see it, you’ll find it everywhere. In simple terms, Alpha is a measure of performance when compared to a benchmark. Alpha is how much the measured performance went beyond the benchmark. In other words: If you have an investment that had a return of 10% and… Continue reading Capturing Alpha

Digital Garden

This is my ongoing Digital Garden. I created it because regular blogging felt too artificial and contrived and personal notes felt too closed off. It is, by definition, alive and growing, but you might want to start at the beginning:

A Garden is something you tend to but evolves following its own patterns

Digital Gardens are an analogy to actual Gardens, but made of knowledge and notes instead of plants. But why call them Digital Gardens? What is it in the image of a Garden that makes sense with this practice of publishing and linking notes? Gardens exist in the intersection of nature and human action. You can… Continue reading A Garden is something you tend to but evolves following its own patterns

Failure Mode

This note is copied from my newsletter:https://12products12months.substack.com/p/how-to-stop-making-the-same-mistakes How to stop making the same mistakes I have plenty of projects and finished few. Although I now I understand that dropping a project is part of the process, I don’t like quitting projects. One of the ideas that has helped me the most is to focus on… Continue reading Failure Mode