Writing is Thinking

In our daily lives we type a lot but write only rarely. For me the distinction is that typing is a mechanical act of hitting keys in a sequence and writing is a mental act of putting ideas together.

Writing, it follows, is about idea manipulation. Not word manipulation.

For me, it is not uncommon that I spend quite sometime reflecting on something and not get to any relevant clarity. Thinking happens on an infinite canvas that can stretch and bend to fit whatever is on your mind. Only by writing I can better test my assumptions.

It has happened a few times: a thought swirling in my head, formless and evading my attempts to pin it down, becomes a simpler, more tangible idea after I write it down.

You can trick yourself infinitely, but paper (or a text box) are much less forgiving.

Writing is, in this sense, both a test and a mind gym. Much like bodybuilders will tell you that iron doesn’t lie, many accomplished minds will extol the advantages of writing often. It sharpens your ability to reflect on complex issues.

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