Using WordPress as my first Digital Garden

Digital Gardens are both intellectual and technical challenges. They require tools that allow for the linking of ideas in the same way our brains do. Not all tools can do this and very few make this easy to do.

I’m trying to avoid a familiar Failure Mode of mine (getting lost in the technical details), I’ve decided to start my Digital Garden with WordPress. It isn’t ideal, but for the time being it will not need me to learn new things.

What I like about WordPress:

  1. I already have it. My personal website runs on it
  2. It is very easy to create a new post, either from the browser or from the mobile app.
  3. I can link between posts, even if it isn’t extremely easy
  4. I can start with WordPress and later export the content to something more aligned with this objective
  5. WordPress has a few plugins (that I haven’t explored) that can probably help with 3
  6. WordPress is inherently SEO friendly

My biggest challenge so far is with bi-directional linking. I haven’t found a way of doing this easily on wordpress. To learn more about that, this might help: Thoughts connect to each other bi-directionally


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