Thoughts connect to each other bi-directionally

You think of a dog and within a mental step you can picture a wolf. But the same happens in reverse: a wolf evokes the image of a dog. Or think of a cat and be reminded of a dog as well. Or reminisce on your childhood and a memory of your dog pops up. Ideas connect in every direction.

Ideas are not destinations, but nodes between other ideas.

In the world of Digital Gardens, bi-directional linking is a core-feature.

In our minds, this bi-directionality is natural. It happens without effort. But in the world of tools, it needed to be created.

This is why, creating Digital Gardens is both an intelectual and, at this moment, a technical project. To build one, you need some basic functionalities.

WordPress is not perfect in this regard. It is very easy to create new pages or link to pages, but not so much getting the pages to link back to where they were mentioned. You can learn more about my attempts at planting a digital garden here Using WordPress as my first Digital Garden


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