João Landeiro

Don’t worry if the name seems impossible to pronounce.
Think of it as John, Juan, Jean or Giovanni.

What I care about

The Big Questiontm I’m always trying to answer is:

How can clever, creative and contrarian people, that don’t do well in the corporate world, make a good living

Why do we make it so hard for ourselves?

Big Questionstm are too large to answer in one go, so here’s how I break it down in Smaller Questionstm I’m constantly studying:

  1. How to run businesses based on niche expertise.
    Mostly advisory ones like Consulting.
  2. How to make the abstract easy to convey and sell.
    Niche expertise tends to be a bit opaque which makes everything else harder to do.
  3. How to design meetings that create clarity and rally teams.
    I mean workshops and other participative experiences.
  4. How to deeply connect with others, be more open and less preachy.
    This has been the biggest source of impact for me in the last three years.

If these things also show up on your browsing History, book purchases, personal notes or elsewhere, I’d love to talk to you.

How I help companies

Most of my work happens under Mesozoic, my small consulting company. These are the problems we solve over there:

  1. Unstructured consulting processes that worked well when your firm was mostly just you but are now a hindrance to growth.
  2. Undifferentiated service offers that get the job done, but position your firm as just another consulting firm that competes mostly on price or availability.
  3. Uninspiring experiences that bore clients, make you cringe and don’t get enough results to make the awkwardness worth it.

How I help others

Occasionally I act as a coach for others.
My approach is less about what the market seems to be asking of you and more about truly exploring what you want, in a disciplined way. I follow a specific approach, but we can discuss it later.

I don’t do this for everyone, only when I feel I can be useful.

Currently, I feel most useful to professionals that have (or have had) a career that seems to swerve around a lot and need help to find it’s connecting thread and where it might take them next.

How to find my other stuff


When can we meet?

You probably see the connection between my Big Questiontm, my Smaller Questionstm and what I do.

I’m always happy to meet and learn from other curious people.

you can always email me at: