João Landeiro

new product development for consulting companies

Launch new consulting products
& package your firm’s expertise

I help Consulting Companies launch new products & services using the lessons of the software industry

Nothing will ever be the same again

Customer Centricity rules the world

Putting your customer at the center of everything used to be an advantage.

Now this is the bare minimum to even compete.

Clients expect services to be easy to understand, quick to buy and always available.

do your current offerings relate to your customers’ actual needs?

There are countless new business models

Cloud technology, open APIs, smartphones and countless other technologies have changed the world.

It has never been easier to create something and start a business.

This led to an explosion in the number of created companies, founded by people of all backgrounds.

Is your business structured the same way as everybody else?

We’ve learned to thrive in uncertainty

Nobody relies on Project Management alone.

Traditional approaches assume too much, deviate too often and deliver too little.

Software companies have mastered the art of accounting for uncertainty and adopted leaner methods.

when was the last time you’ve successfully launched a new offering?

The consulting firm of the future…

...Captures it’s own insight and turns it into reusable patterns

Learns from its users and applies this knowledge to create better offerings

Understands purchasing behaviors and reduces friction in the sales process

Actively manages it’s Product Bets based on internal and market factors.

About me

I’ve walked this talk:

I advise and get my hands dirty helping other consultants and consulting companies to make better bets on their services and product portfolios

Worked as a Product Manager at three different Fintechs, from 200 people orgs to 1700+. Managed teams of developers, designers, and researchers.

Learn more about my background and how I think

Practical things we can do together

Capture & Organize all the ideas you have

As a manager of a consulting company your mind is bristling with ideas.

Too bad your schedule is such a hard master.

There’s too much to do and you never seem to have uninterrupted time to explore your own insight.

In a 2 hour session of we will download all your ideas and make them tangible for your team.

Evaluate & Select ideas before investing

Perhaps you already know where you want to go but want to make an confident decision.

Consulting businesses run on reputation and you don’t want to spend billable hours on initiatives that could lead nowhere.

In two sessions of two hours each, we will take a disciplined look at your backlog and make informed choices on what to take further.

Specify & Develop new products or services

Say you know what you want and you know why it makes sense.

How do you bridge the gap from your mind to your team or external vendors?

I will guide you and your team to specify, break-down and manage the development of new products or services.

I offer this service on a case-by-case basis.

As you see, my services connect into each other but you do not have to contract a previous service if you just need a later one.