Rekindle the creative spark and remember why you started it

I help small creative businesses launch cool side projects

We’ll be a good match if:
Your creative team is great but the work hasn’t been unique or surprising in a while
Everybody has a lot of “what if” ideas but struggle with prioritizing and making them happen in time
When thinking of cool side projects you don’t feel confident you will actually complete them
Clients show references from other shops and it kills you that they don’t know how amazing your agency is
Why I’m your guy

For over 14 years I’ve made sure to work somewhere where Creativity was needed: Design, Advertising, Innovation consulting, Startups of all sizes.

In all this time what I’ve come to realize is that Creativity is a paradox: it is a magical door, sure. But it is also so very mundane. It rewards discipline and consistency more than the flash of genius. It needs deliberate space and care. It can happen by accident, but isn’t that too fickle?

I love the freedom you can experience with creative projects that are not your main job.

The excitement of trying out something just to see if you can. The shared energy of a group working on an internal initiative that no client asked for but every future client will ask about.

This is why I’m betting on the transformative power of helping small creative businesses launch more cool side projects.

If you are running a creative business smaller than 40 people and you need to unblock those “one day” projects you’ve been sitting on, I’d love to help you make it happen.

This could ring a bell

You remember starting your creative business.
But you don’t know when it stopped being fun.

Wrangling the serious business side of things was never the dream, but something you had to do. And you did. And you’re proud.
And you should be.

But, remember, that wasn’t why you started this.

You probably miss the early days of it all (and also the late nights).
Each project was an opportunity to make something unique, perhaps even a bit risky. It was madness but real. The high of delivering a phenomenal project is something you’ve chased ever since.

And although you don’t want to go back to the chaos of the start, you wish you could mix a bit of that creative energy with the stability you’ve built into your business.

It is no secret that client work will almost always play it a little bit safer.
Bold decisions get watered down in a barrage of revisions and your agency will be at the mercy of more corporate-minded customers. It’s not their fault they have no taste. But you can’t expect them to change.

To do the really fun, exciting stuff you need to run your own internal projects.

Easier said than done: most creative agencies have trouble working on their in-house projects.
They have lists of great ideas but no time (is it time thought?) to make them happen.

We can fix this.

We can craft practices and principles that your creative agency can use to launch side-project after side project.

Your team will develop formidable skills, your creative confidence will be tested and fed, you will have amazing things to show off.

You will attract talent you’ve lusted over and become a place known for its creative caliber.

If the idea of unblocking a dream side project appeals to you, let’s talk